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      RAIDIX Powers Huge CCTV System in Major Korean City

      The value of relying on closed-circuit TV (HD CCTV) to enforce traffic laws and ensure public safety is uncontested. Surveillance cameras make people feel more secure and fines from traffic violations that they capture can be a substantial source of revenue for metropolitan areas. Yet ubiquitously deploying cameras presents substantial IT challenges. 

      Mindful of Yongin’s needs and financial constraints, ITservices turned to the RAIDIX storage software engine for a solution. RAIDIX software controls storage clusters while providing extraordinary functionality. The solution supports shared SAN and scale-out NAS architectures and major protocols like Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and InfiniBand. Most importantly, the RAIDIX architecture makes two individual storage appliances work as HA storage controllers that offer active/active for load balancing and failover. 

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