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      Network Attached Storage Devices - Unified Storage

      AC&NC provides full product line up of Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems that are all built for reliability and ease of use. AC&NC also offers combined NAS and Storage Area Networks (SAN) into a single system, allowing for a consolidated storage and network environment.

      Focused intently on storage without distractions of tape backup or bundled servers, AC&NC manufacturers in-house and delivers complete solutions in 24-48 hours from in-stock JetStor FCNAS / UnifiedAll Flash and JBOD SAS systems that set the bar for performance.

      Unified Storage/NAS Devices

      XCubeNAS XN5004R
      XCubeNAS XN5004R

      1U 6-bay (4 SATA drives +2 SSD SATA) - NEW!

      XCubeNAS XN8012R
      XCubeNAS XN8012R

      2U 18-bay (12 SATA drives +4SSD SATA+2NVMe) - NEW! 

      XN5004T front
      XCubeNAS XN5004T

      Tower 4-bay (4 SATA drives +1 SSD SATA) - NEW!

      XCubeNAS XN5008T

      Tower 8-bay (8 SATA drives +1 SSD SATA) - NEW!

      XCubeNAS XN8016R

      3U 16-bay NAS - NEW! 

      XCubeNAS XN8024R

      4U 24-bay NAS - NEW! 

      XCubeNAS XN3002T

      2 + 1 bay Tower NAS - NEW!