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      Direct Attached Storage Products

      Direct Attached Storage (DAS) is a storage unit directly attached to your workstation or server. With AC&NC’s powerful JetStor DAS solutions, your servers will react faster, your database queries will execute more rapidly and you’ll have more productive and happier users.

      Focused intently on storage without distractions of tape backup or bundled servers, AC&NC manufacturers in-house and delivers complete solutions in 24-48 hours from in-stock JetStor FCNAS / UnifiedAll Flash and JBOD SAS systems that set the bar for performance.

      DAS / SAS Storage

      JetStor SAS 816S small
      JetStor SAS 816S

      High Performance 16-bay 12G SAS2 RAID Array 

      JetStor SAS 864S small
      JetStor SAS 864S

      High Performance 64-bay 12Gb SAS – 6Gb SAS RAID Array